Klarna app
Klarna is a fintech company with 90 million customers offering services like payment, financing and banking. The company shifted focus in 2021 towards shopping. I led the design for the new mobile shopping experience where we introduced Search, Product catalogue, Price comparison, Reviews and much more.
In the new Klarna shopping app users can search for any product categories such as electronics, clothing, home or search for a product directly.
We also introduced a search filter which helps users narrow down what they are looking for. On the product page they can also compare prices, read reviews and much more.
I worked closely with Design System to either refine existing components or create new ones.
In-app shopping browser concept.
As a designer I’ve spent the last 10 years crafting interfaces & consumer experiences for tech and product companies. I have a strong appreciation for simplicity and I enjoy tackling problems from a hollistic approach while also getting down to the nitty-gritty details. Alongside work, I’m currently creating my own app. Im also on a mission to find the right pieces for my loft apartment. I often consume movies & shows and I have a thing for cars.